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Link against a C++ file

While Rust natively supports linking against C, it needs an extra binding layer in order to link against C++. Although a library called bindgen can generate those bindings automatically, I wanted to see how to do it myself.

Rust has extensive documentation on writing a foreign function interace; here’s a minimal example of how to do it.

Let’s say we want to call this function in lib/inc.cpp from Rust:

#include "inc.h"

int twice(int x) { return x * 2; }

In the header file lib/inc.h, extern "C" makes the function name linkable from C code:

extern "C" {
int twice(int x);

We can compile that function into a shared library lib/libinc.so:

g++ -shared lib/inc.cpp -o lib/libinc.so

(Note that in this case, we’re defining a C-linkable interface in the C++ file itself rather than adding an extra layer between C++ and Rust. If we couldn’t change the C++ source code, we could add another file in C or C++ that calls the C++ library, and then expose the C-linkable interface from that file.)

In Rust, we can define a list of foreign functions within an extern block, and then call into them from Rust code. Rust treats all foreign functions as unsafe, so we need to call it from within an unsafe block:

extern "C" {
    fn twice(x: i32) -> i32;

fn main() {
    unsafe {
        println!("{}", twice(2));

Trying to build or run this will result in a linker error about undefined symbols. We need to tell Rust how to find the library, which we can do by placing a build.rs file in the package root. TL;DR from the docs:

Build scripts communicate with Cargo by printing to stdout. Cargo will interpret each line that starts with cargo: as an instruction that will influence compilation of the package. All other lines are ignored.

Here’s our build.rs:

fn main() {
  • cargo:rustc-link-search=lib tells Cargo to look in the directory lib for C libraries
  • cargo:rustc-link-lib=inc tells Cargo to link against libinc (the lib prefix is implied)

Boom! Running cargo run should now correctly print 4 to the console.