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Use a Svelte component as a NodeView

The ProseMirror rich text editor library has a concept called NodeView for rendering custom widgets with a document.

To use a NodeView, you write a “constructor” function that takes in the ProseMirror Node, EditorView and a function to get the node’s position. That function is expected to set up the DOM for the custom widget and return an object implementing the NodeView interface.

The examples set up DOM using vanilla JS, but it’s pretty simple to instead create a DOM element and render a framework component inside of it. This general approach should work for any framework — Svelte, React, Solid, etc — as well as with web components.

TL;DR, this SvelteNodeView class creates an element with the given tag (by default <div>) inside of which it mounts a Svelte component. It spreads the node’s attributes into the component’s props, adding an additional onchange prop that can be called from within the component to set that attribute.

Right now, it doesn’t update the component if the node’s attributes change outside.

The static create method creates a constructor function given a Svelte component class and an optional tag name.

import { type Node } from "prosemirror-model";
import { type EditorView, type NodeViewConstructor } from "prosemirror-view";
import { type SvelteComponent, type ComponentType, mount } from "svelte";

type Component = ComponentType<
    Record<string, any> & {
      onchange(name: string, value: any): void;

class SvelteNodeView {
  node: Node;
  view: EditorView;
  getPos: () => number | undefined;
  dom: Element;

    comp: Component,
    tag: string,
    node: Node,
    view: EditorView,
    getPos: () => number | undefined
  ) {
    this.node = node;
    this.view = view;
    this.getPos = getPos;

    const target = (this.dom = window.document.createElement(tag));
    target.style.display = "contents";

    mount(comp, {
      props: {
        onchange(name, value) {
          const pos = getPos();
          if (pos === undefined) return;

          const tr = view.state.tr.setNodeAttribute(pos, name, value);

  static create(comp: Component, tag: string = "div"): NodeViewConstructor {
    return (node, view, dom) => new SvelteNodeView(comp, tag, node, view, dom);