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Write an inline script in a GitHub Actions workflow

This is kind of meta because I’m mostly writing this TIL to test the workflow script of this repo, but anyway: the github-script action allows you to write inline JavaScript within a GitHub Actions workflow. The string provided to the script property will be used as the body of an asynchronous function call.

- uses: actions/github-script@v6
  id: script
    script: return "Hello!"
    result-encoding: string
- name: Get result
  run: echo "${{steps.script.outputs.result}}"

That example is from the official documentation; you can return an optionally JSON-encoded string and it’ll be available under the result key of the step’s outputs.

Some other things you can do:

  • require NPM packages
  • Find files with glob patterns via @actions/glob (passed to your script as glob)
  • Make GitHub API calls via a pre-authenticated octokit/rest.js (passed to your script as github)