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Serve Markdown files as HTML

Caddy is a simple web server that nonetheless has a bunch of cool features. One example is pre-processing responses using Go’s text/template package.

Here’s a Caddyfile that uses a template to render .md files as HTML:


file_server /*

@md {
	path *.md

rewrite @md /markdown.html

The first few lines set up the server:

  • localhost:8080 tells Caddy to serve at localhost on port 8080
  • file_server /* tells it to run a file server for all paths below the current directory
  • templates enables the template middleware, which treats the responses as Go templates

The @md block is a named matcher. It captures a set of constraints that can be reused elsewhere. In this case, it matches all paths that end in .md.

The final line rewrite @md /markdown.html serves the file /markdown.html whenever a request matches the @md block — i.e. whenever a Markdown file is requested.

Here’s a simple example of what markdown.html could look like:

{{$md := (include .OriginalReq.URL.Path | splitFrontMatter)}}
<!DOCTYPE html>
    {{markdown $md.Body}}

At the top, we get the original request path, include the Markdown file, split the front matter and store it in the variable $md.

The page title is set to the title property in the front matter.

The body renders the title from the front matter in an <h1> tag, then uses the markdown template function to render the Markdown as HTML.